Artists & curator from ullens digital collection were guest speakers at the 2020 Global Mobile Internet Conference (gmic)




The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) is one of the largest and most influential technology conference series, hosted in major developed and emerging tech hubs ( ; ). This year 2020, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the conference was held via online broadcasting on April 25th-27th. 

The 2020 GMIC hosted a special artistic section in collaboration with UCCA Beijing to introduce the upcoming exhibition “Immaterial/Re-Material: a brief history of computing art” which will be soon presented in Beijing at UCCA- Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. The live streaming conference included video speeches by artists Davide Quayola, Leonel Moura, Refik Anadol, and curator Jerome Neutres about the thematic of the developments in art supported by computing technologies. 

According to the GMIC organization report, some 24,750,000 viewers watched the GMIC live streaming, and almost 1 million viewers watched the art section dedicated to UCCA and the digital art team. 

Here is the video recording of the entire conference, and our panel starts from 07:01:23.