Wang Yuyang

WANG Yuyang (b.1979, Harbin) studied at the China Central Academy of Drama and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has taught at the School of Experiment Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts since 2008 and lives and works in Beijing. WANG Yuyang creates works using emergent media but does not deliberately emphasize the novelty of technology. He is more interested in the artistry brought about by “outdated” technology, “destructive” aesthetics and material waste. His work has employed all possible media. He often uses humour, fiction and spectacles to explore and reflect upon the relationship between the human body, experience and cognition. At the same time he also investigates the relationship between artificial reality, media technology and historical perception.

Heterogeneously profuse and cognitively amorphous, WANG Yuyang’s work eschews the familiar stock of artistic tools, eliciting questions about authorship foreign to the human subject, creativity in favor of another order of ingenuity, and conceptual heresies that collapse the conventions of criticism. His mode of conception and production may be characterized as a form of non-standard art, akin to François Laruelle’s radical estrangement from philosophical traditions in the name of non-philosophy.